Revelation 1:1-8

Key themes of Revelation

1. Christians belong to God; they are His bondservants.

2. Jesus is coming soon.

3. Christians are to imitate Jesus, the faithful witness.

4. Death is not the end of the story.

5. Jesus is the supreme ruler of this world, not Caesar.


Reading Instructions for Revelation

1. This message is to God's own people.

2. We must determine what Revelation would have meant to the first audience.

3. We must read Revelation in light of its complex genre.

4. We must read Revelation in light of the particular historical context to which it is addressed.

5. We must recognize that Revelation makes use of symbols and symbolic uses of numbers.

6. We need to recognize that Revelation often communicates using Old Testament symbolism and references.

7.  We must notice and carefully consider Revelation's internal connections.